Key Points on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is more than just being “business minded”.

It is about finding a solution to a problem that normal people care about.

Before anything, figure out who you want to serve and what problem you want to solve.

Discover your emotional spike by asking yourself, “What is my claim ?”. You will make most impact where you can have sustained passion.

Focused organisations are successful organizations.

On your journey, you will inevitably have to make tough decision.. always keep “impact” in mind when making these decisions.

Start Small, We all have varying levels of opportunity and access. An easy way to get started is to make change in a very incremental way : start with 10 or 100 before you scale.

Have a relationship with the people and community you want to serve.

It’s not about how many years of experience you have, it’s about the quality of your years of experience.

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